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André Lucat was born in Milan in 1980, where he lives until 1986, when his family moved to Aosta Valley, where he graduates in scientific studies.

His passion for photography comes from his grandfather, and after inheriting his Rolleiflex, he begins to shoot pictures of his friends doing what he loves most, skateboarding.

After finishing high school he moves back to Milan, attending a three years photography school at Istituto Europeo di Design, living in a city where the skate scene is on fire and publishing his first images on skate magazines.

After getting his degree in 2004, he begins his professional career entering SGP, a renowned photo agency in the fashion industry. During the years he enriches and differentiates his working experience, collaborating with Dolce & Gabbana Italia Thunder boxing team and Italian National football team, shooting images for Matteo Renzi election campaign, fashion catalogs for brands like Versace and Armani, attending the most important cinema festivals. 

Between 2008 and 2011 he travels many times to Haiti, documenting Fondazione Francesca Rava NPH humanitarian activities; this non-profit organization runs the biggest pediatric hospital in the Caribbeans. He lives the tragedy of 2010 earthquake but he also explores the more remote places of the country, documenting the voodoo rites about purification and the cult of the dead.

In 2016 he moves back again to Aosta Valley with his wife Kinawele Wauters and opened the AndreKina studio.

In 2018 he travels to Gaza to shoot and build the first skatepark in one of the most abandoned and dangerous places in the world, where a war is going on since decades, combining again his passion for street culture and social issues.


Our Work

Like everything else, there is not only one side of the coin. Every work  we do requires a specific medium, interpretation and technical equipment.

Working with a digital camera gives you the ability to capture, review and edit instantly the story you like to tell. It's fast, clean and immediate. When you need a fast autofocus, digital camera is the choice.

Analog photography instead pushes you to think everything through. You learn to value every frame because you always have a limited amount of images on your roll. You can’t just fire thousands of shots, there’s no safety net or unlimited space on a memory card. With the large format 8 x 10 witch is our favourite medium, you only get one shot. And that one shot have to be good, so we take time.

When digital make you feel the present moment, analogue is a moment in time. We choose one or the other according to the emotion, the feeling that we want to transmit.


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